T12 soldering iron tip selection principle
Soldering iron tip question of the day:

The principle of selecting the soldering iron head

The advertisement says: only choose the right one, not the expensive one, the right one is the best. This statement in the iron head selection is as effective.

The principle of "two consistent":

Soldering iron tip tip shape and pad shape consistent.

The size of the soldering nozzle and the size of the pad is consistent.

From the point of view of the choice of tip type:

B-type round tip: general-purpose, general welding can cope with. So the factory with the B-type round tip.

D-type flat nozzle: the work surface of a screwdriver-shaped, welding long pads have an advantage.

C-type bevelled nozzle: the working surface is horseshoe-shaped, welding round type solder joints more convenient.

K-type tip: drag welding tool, row of pins welding, IC rework most commonly used.

I-type tip: tip extremely thin, mostly used to weld small solder joints, IC rework broken tin bridge.