DC 12-24V 72W T12 Mini electric soldering iron adjustable temperature With OLED digital display Transparent plastic shell handle

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颜色: With T12-B2 Tip
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Brand Name: QUECOO
Origin: CN(Origin)
Certification: None
Model Number: T12
Temperature Stability: +-20
Input Voltagle: 24V3A
Is Smart Device: NO
Output Power: 72W
Output Temperature: 200-430
Power Interface: DC5.5*2.1
Display: OLED

If you choose with BC2 tip,The standard tip is T12-BC2 tip,you can also left message for me if you want to change other T12 tip!
if you want other tip in the following photo,you can left the message for me!We will change that to send that for you
If you want more extratips,you can click into the following photo!
The types are below(Total 31pcs choose):
Temperature range 150-450, non-accurate range
This product has tool attributes, low price and high cost performance
The product can be fuzzy temperature adjustment, constant temperature, support sleep function (inverted and immediately enter sleep)
This product does not support precision temperature adjustment, and the tool attributes have full marks, which is fully qualified for daily work needs.
Support 12-24v interval power supply, recommend 24v3A power supply, or battery power supply.
Reverse connection protection is not supported,
Menu instructions:

Press the knob to enter menu, it will shows 7 options:

ACT: calibration ,HSL: brightness ,DMH: sleep ,LED: always on display ,LVF: power ,LAG: language ,RTN: return


ACT: calibration

Insert the T12 tip to handle and power on,  set the temperature at 300, until the temperature in "real-time temperature" is stably display at 300, at this time, use a temperature measuring instrument to measure the temperature of T12 tip and record it. such as the measuring temperature is 350, then the calibration value is 50.

Calculation formula:  calibration value=measuring temperature - setting temperature

(Note: Before calibration, the value after calibration must be set to 0)


HSL: brightness

brightness adjustable range is 2-100 , 2 is darkest, 100 is the brightest


DMH: sleep

when screen is "DMH ON 5" ,It means that if the operator does not use the soldering iron for 5 seconds(automatically detect the use status of the soldering iron), the soldering iron will stop heating, and it will start heating again after picking it up.

when screen is "DMH OFF",It means that the soldering iron will always be in working condition, and the automatic detection function is turned off.


LED: always on display

when screen is "LED ON 5",It means that after 5 seconds of no key operation, the screen will be off, and when the key is operated again, the screen will light up again.

when screen is "LED OFF", It means the screen will stay on


LVF: power

This option indicates whether the power supply is stable. If the power supply is unstable, you can adjust the value appropriately. If the main menu shows insufficient power, it is recommended to replace the power supply


LAG: language

Available languages are: Chinese , Engligh


RTN: return

Return to main interface

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