QUECOO Electric Soldering Iron Kit T85 96W Repair Tool Welding Solder Rework Station Heat Pencil Smart Portable Solder Iron Tips

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Product Details
1,Temperature control:80-480°C
2,Interface:USB type-C & DC
3,Fast charging support:PD/QC protocol
4,Operating voltage:9-24V
5,Screen: 0.87" OLED(128*32 pixels)
6,Temperature unit:°C/ °F
7,Language: English/ Chinese
8,Handle size:114*18*15mm
9,Size of solder iron head: Length 100mm,Diameter 5.5mm
10,Length of whole machine: 165mm
11,Overall weight: 37g
12,Power: DC96W   PD65W
13.Plastic material handle, compact and lightweight!
Package contents
1*Soldering iron
1*Ground clip
1*MINI Stand
1*Solder wire
1*Type-C to Type-C Silicone wire 1m

Product features
1.Type-C interface power supply, support PD\QC2.0/3.0/4.0 fast charging general public protocol.
2.DC interface power supply, support DC5521.
3.With its 0.87 inch OLED display.
4.Support 9~24V working voltage range.
5.Fast heating, 8 seconds can melt tin (greater than 20V).
6.Fast temperature recovery, no fear of large solder joints.
7.Precise temperature control with a stability of 2%.
8.Vibration wakes up, saves worry and saves power.
9.Small size, easy to carry.
10.Reverse connection protection, internal resistance detection protection.
11.With LED light, it is suitable for outdoor dark environment.
12.One-click BOOST function to solve that requires high temperature in short time!
13.Compatible with GD300/TS100 soldering Tip.

    T85 is an original electric soldering iron.It is a portable and easy-to-use electric soldering iron adopting the internal heating working mode with dual temperature sensor and acceleration extreme cooperate,reach the set the temperature only few seconds. OLED screen to display the parameter with large temperature adjustable range(80-480 Celsius degree). It is the indispensable tools for electronic worker.

     T85 will automatically obtain the highest voltage of the DC power adapter/PD charger, No need users to manually select, convenient and hassle free!If your PD charger is rated at a maximum of 20V, T85 handle will automatically acquire a 20V voltage. However, if the actual current of the charger does not reach 3.25A, that is, the actual power does not reach 65W, T85 will also automatically decrease to 15V. If the 15V still automatically restarts and does not reach 37W, T85 will automatically decrease to 12V and acquire a 2A current. If the automatic restart is still performed, it indicates that the charging head cannot drive the T85, Please replace the charger! The above depressurization process is automatic!

T85 Support PD/QC universal public protocol,otherwise T85 may not be able to obtain sufficient voltage normally!so please dont use charger with private protocol!

T85 поддерживает PD / QC General Public Protocol, иначе T85 может не получать достаточное напряжение в нормальном режиме! Поэтому, пожалуйста, не используйте зарядное устройство с личным протоколом!

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