T12-942 OLED MINI soldering station Digital electronic welding iron DC Version Portable without power supply QUICKO

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Brand Name: QUECOO
Origin: CN(Origin)
Certification: None
Model Number: T12-942
Dimensions: 38mm*41mm*88mm
Temperature Stability: plus or minus 10C
Input Voltagle: DC24V
Output Power: MAX 75W
Output Temperature: 200C-480C
Packaged weight: 250g
Controller: STC-OLED-T12
Power interface size: DC5.5*2.1mm


THIS IS MINI Portable OLED T12 solder iron station,doesn't include power supply,
You need to buy a DC 24V 3A-5A power supply additional.
Please use a 3-5A power supply to drive this soldering station,
If you want change the default Tip , please tell us or leave a message.
Iron tip do not work continuously high temperature, high temperature work is easy to damage the tip!
Ordinary solder melting point is 183 degrees, normal solder melting point is 227 degrees, usually the welding temperature is 300-380degC, 380 degrees is the temperature of the dividing line, higher than 380 degrees, iron head oxidation and loss is extremely fast, seriously affect the heating core life The Higher than 380 degrees temperature display will be beating, the higher the temperature, the greater the beating!Recommended in the 300-380 degrees for welding work, most of the work can be carried out, the temperature beating is normal, does not affect the use!
If can use low temperature, then do not high temperature: T12 is constant temperature control, the general recommended working temperature control between 300 ℃ ~ 380 ℃, higher than 380 ℃ damage the coating of solder tip and cut down the PTC life!
We do not recommend the use DC power supply adjustable, because regulated adjustable DC power supplies cannot meet the requirements of instantaneous power. T12 has special requirements for power supplies. Instantaneous power needs to reach 72W or higher. Some brands of regulated power supplies cannot meet this requirement. As a result, the 942 soldering station cannot be powered.

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