T12 Cordless Soldering Iron Station for Milwaukee/Dewalt/Makita/Devon/Worx 18V Battery, Temperature Adjustable, Auto Sleep & Low Voltage Protection, OLED Digital Display (Tool Only)

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样式: For Worx Battery
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【Wide Compatibility】This soldering station is compatible with Milwaukee/Dewalt/Makita/Devon/Worx 18-20V li-ion battery, offering a lightweight and portable solution for various soldering tasks.
【High Performance and Adjustable Temperature】 Reliable digital soldering station that heats up fast using easy-to-use temperature control knob up to 896°F (480°C), allowing precise adjustments for an efficient soldering experience.
【Versatile Design】Equipped with a user-friendly menu for temperature calibration, auto sleep, boost duration, boost degree, wake up method, buzzer switch, battery guard, convert units °C to °F. All functions and temperature read-outs are displayed via a digital display, and accessed via a master control knob.
【Safety Protection】Built-in low-voltage protection ensures the safety of your soldering process, delivering reliable and stable soldering performance.
【Compact and Space Saving】Easy-to-use soldering station with integrated soldering iron holder that fits perfectly on any workbench: the stand, temperature control, solder iron is all in one place.




*【Compatibility】Cordless soldering station works for DEWALT 18/20V Flex XR Slide Style battery packs; Devon 18/20V battery; Makita18/20V battery; Milwaukee18/20V battery(Battery Not Included). This portable soldering station helps get your soldering job done more convenient and fast.

*【Fast Heating & Adjustable Temperature】This electric HD digital soldering station heats up fast. Temperature read-outs are displayed via a digital display, effortlessly turn the adjust knob to set the temperature precisely.

*【Compact & Lead-Free Solder】 compact soldering station helps save precious work space. Lead-free soldering tip and soft handle design, provides extended comfort during long term soldering projects.

*【Safe to Use】Made of high quality material, built-in low-voltage protection. With automatic cooling mode, when not in use, the handle is placed on the handle frame, the machine will cool automatically, and the temperature will rise rapidly when picked up.

*【Condition】Support with T12 handle heating core, with DC port 24V auxiliary power supply

Basic operation:

1: In the normal mode, briefly press the encoder to enter the preset temperature mode (four groups of common temperatures are preset according to your own needs, and the rotary encoder can cycle through these four groups of preset temperatures), and then briefly press again to enter the set temperature mode. Each time you rotate the encoder, the temperature increases by 5 degrees, and the step temperature is adjustable!

2: In the normal mode, long press the encoder to enter the setting menu, short press to select, short press again to cancel the selection, and long press the encoder in the menu interface to exit and return to the previous level!

Important notes for T12 welding station:

- If you enter the menu to change the parameters or restore the factory settings, be sure to pay attention to the following parameters to be set correctly, otherwise there will be errors and other abnormalities!

1. The sleep mode must be set to "stand", otherwise the sleep seat function will become invalid.

2. The standby time is set to 5 (time setting in the main menu → standby time → set to 5 or 10, and you can set any length of time according to your needs)

3. Under voltage protection is set to 15 or 16 (other settings in the main menu → voltage protection → set to 16)

4. Sleep temperature setting ( main menu → sleep setting→ set to 50)

5. standby temperature setting (main menu → Standby→ 200)

For WORX large footplate batteries only, not compatible with small footplate batteries!


* Power: 72W max

* Work Voltage: 12-24V

* MCU: STM32 32bit MCU

* Screen: 1.3inch OLED

* Condition:100% full new

* Weight: about 0.35kg

* Size:22.00cm*11.20cm*6.10cm

* Color:as photos show

* Compatible:For Dewalt/ Devon/ Milwaukee/ Makita 18/20V battery

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