High -frequency branding is a tool for welding and circuit repair. Its high -frequency vibration can quickly heal solder joints and improve work efficiency. The following is the correct way to use high -frequency soldering iron heads to help you better operate and maintain the soldering iron head.

The first step, preparation work

Before using the high -frequency iron head, ensure the safety of the work area and wear appropriate protective glasses and gloves to prevent accidental damage. Make sure that the power cord plug of the soldering iron head matches the power interface and ensure that the power supply supply is stable and reliable.

The second step, preheating the soldering iron head

Plug the soldering iron head into the soldering iron host and turn on the power switch. According to the instruction manual of the soldering iron head, choose the appropriate temperature and power settings. Generally speaking, according to the welding materials and work needs, choose the appropriate temperature range.

How to use the correct use of high -frequency iron head

Step 3, clean welding point

Use the appropriate cleaning agent or alcohol cotton ball to clean the circuit board or welded joints to be welded to ensure that the surface is clean and non -polluting. This can improve the quality and reliability of welding.

Step 4, welding operation

Gently touch the preheated soldering iron head to touch the solder joints, maintain a certain contact time, and let the calories of the soldering iron head transmit it to the solder joint. According to welding requirements, the welding time and strength can be adjusted appropriately. Pay attention to avoid excessive heating welding joints to avoid damaging circuits or welding materials.

Step 5, cooling and cleaning

After completing the welding, wait for the solder joints to cool for a period of time to avoid touching the burns. Then use a cleaner or alcohol cotton ball to clean the surface of the soldering iron head to remove residual welding and dirt. Make sure the soldering iron head is clean to use it next time.

Step 6, storage and maintenance

After using the high -frequency iron head, place it in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to keeping it clean and dust -free. Check the wiring and connection of the soldering iron head regularly. If it is damaged or loose, it should be repaired or replaced in time.