Tips for maintaining your soldering iron
Soldering iron should be one of our * commonly used tools, just like the steel gun in the hands of a warrior, soldering iron and steel gun as well as the need for maintenance.If the maintenance is not appropriate, will also be jammed, so engage in maintenance * start to learn how to use their own hands and maintenance of tools.

Often have some novice in the beginning of the welding time do not understand, obviously the iron temperature is very high, but is not on the tin, pounding half a day is not easy to weld, weld is not clean and easy to pile welding, and with some teachers dedicated soldering iron is very good to use, in fact, the difference lies in the daily maintenance of the good and bad. I summed up a few points of the maintenance of the soldering iron, I hope to be able to help some people who do not know much about this.

Newly purchased soldering iron head will generally be attached with a small amount of tin, this is due to the soldering iron head material is copper, exposed to the air will be easy to oxidise and form an oxidised layer on its surface, and attached to the surface of the tin, you can prevent oxidation, use it easier to eat tin.

To choose the right tin wire, soldering should use 63%-37% lead content of the solder, and often with a layer of tin to protect the soldering iron tip. In addition to this, you should also try to use thicker soldering wires for soldering work, as thicker wires provide better protection for the soldering iron head.

After each use of the soldering iron head should be cleaned, this has a special cleaning sponge, generally placed in the small box on the soldering iron stand, plus a little water, soak the sponge, after using the soldering iron on the top of the rub to remove the soldering iron head of flux and old tin, clean, feed a little bit of tin wire on the soldering iron head, and adjust the temperature to 100 degrees Celsius or less, in order to prevent oxidation of the soldering iron head.

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