Branding iron head complete production material process procedure
Qualified soldering iron head, is a copper, iron, nickel, chromium, tin five kinds of metal materials, from the production of materials to be able to actually use, to go through 10 processes, yes, you read it right, seemingly ordinary soldering iron head, actually have to go through so many processes.

1, copper embryo processing (with oxygen-free copper)

The first thing to do is to make out the embryo of the soldering iron head, which is a stereotyped preliminary process. High-quality soldering iron head are using copper materials, some cheap soldering iron head is used brass, the cost will be lower than the copper, but the thermal conductivity will be lower than the copper.

2, to oil

Use special solvents to remove the oil produced during the processing of the original soldering iron head to facilitate the next step in the processing.

3、Grinding and polishing

Use special grinding and polishing equipment to do ** grinding and polishing to ensure that the processing surface is flat and smooth.


The ** grinding and polishing of the soldering iron head to do cleaning, remove the residue on the iron head.

5, iron plating (this is the key technology of lead-free soldering nozzle production)

The soldering iron head plated with a layer of iron, this layer of iron plays a role in corrosion resistance, is the key factor affecting the service life of the soldering iron head. As iron in 26O ~ 4O0 ℃ on the oxidation resistance, strength, wear resistance and tin ability are more moderate, so domestic and foreign are used iron plating process, good iron iron plating iron layer crystal structure is fine and dense, corrosion resistance effect is good, so the long service life of the iron head, under the tin effect is good. Iron plating technology is not good manufacturers mainly rely on the thickness of the iron plating layer to control the service life of the iron head, usually appear iron plating layer thick iron head is not on the tin, thin is not durable.

6、 Sanding and polishing

After the iron plating of the soldering iron head for ** grinding and polishing.