Characteristics of soldering iron tips
Type I (fine tip)
Characteristics: The tip of the soldering iron is small.
Application: Suitable for fine soldering, or soldering in narrow space, also can correct the solder bridge generated when soldering chips.
Type B/LB (Conical)
Characteristics: B-type soldering iron tip is non-directional, the entire front of the iron tip can be soldered, LB-type is a kind of B-type, the shape of the slender. LB type is a kind of B type with slender shape. It can be operated flexibly in the soldering environment where there are taller components around the soldering point or the soldering space is narrow.
Application: Suitable for general soldering, regardless of the size of the soldering joints, can also be used B type soldering iron head.
D type / LD type (one word batch tip shape)
Characteristics: Soldering with the nozzle part.
Application: Suitable for soldering that requires a large amount of tin, such as large soldering area, thick terminals, and large soldering pads.
C type/CF type (slant cut cylindrical)
Characteristics: Use the bevelled part of the tip for soldering, suitable for soldering that requires a large amount of tin, CF type tip only has a tin plating layer on the bevelled part of the tip, only the bevelled part of the tip can be coated with tin when soldering, so the amount of tin coated will be different from that of the C type tip, depending on the need for soldering and selection.
0.5C, 1C/CF, 1.5CF and so on are very fine soldering iron tips, which are suitable for soldering small components, or correcting solder bridges and pillars produced during surface soldering. If only a small amount of solder is required, it is better to use CF type soldering iron tips with tin plating on the bevelled side only.
2C/2CF, 3C/3CF type soldering iron tip, suitable for soldering resistors, diodes and other components, large pitch SOP and QFP can also be used; 4C/4CF, suitable for soldering resistors, diodes and other components.
4C/4CF, suitable for thick terminals, circuit board grounding.
K type (knife-edge)
Characteristics: Use knife-shaped part of the soldering, vertical or pull soldering can be used, belong to the multi-purpose soldering iron head.
Application: Suitable for soldering SOJ, PLCC, SOP, QFP, power supply, grounding components, correcting solder bridges, connectors and so on.
H type
Characteristics: The tin layer is on the bottom of the tip.
Application: Suitable for soldering SOP, QFP with large pitch.