How should I maintain the soldering iron tip of the automatic soldering machine?
About the maintenance of the soldering iron head, in fact, is the two main components of the iron head core and the maintenance of the iron head.

1, the soldering iron head core is a heating device that converts electrical energy into heat, just like the electric wire, its maintenance we do a little good: do not long time power heating air burning, not when the power off in time. This will extend the life of the iron head core.
2, the soldering iron head is carrying the core of the iron head to release the heat out of a medium, it conducts heat while in contact with the air, so it is very easy to oxidise. Our iron head maintenance is to do anti-oxidation.

So how to deal with the oxidation of the soldering iron head? Earlier we also briefly talked about the new iron head first tin, in fact, the operation is almost the same. In order to protect the soldering iron head, we'd better use a used soldering iron head handle or use a jig to fix the head of the soldering iron head, with a file or sandpaper carefully sanding the head of the soldering iron head, grinding away the oxidised layer, grinding out a certain surface that can be on the tin. For the more serious oxidation of the soldering iron head, the first file to grind out the appropriate shape (at this time you can grind out some good shape), the final stage and then sandpaper or a small file to polish smooth.
Then you can power up and re-tin it. Just grinded soldering iron head power, heating temperature is not hot enough to melt tin, but it is easy to oxidise. At this time you can put the head of the soldering iron head into the solder paste, can effectively prevent oxidation. When the tip of the soldering iron is hot enough, you can dip some rosin.
Then carefully coat the tip of the soldering iron evenly with a layer of tin. When you see the head of the soldering iron is completely wrapped by the melted tin, at this time you turn the head of the soldering iron, you can also see the tin liquid is flowing, this is right.
Then you will disconnect the soldering iron head, wait for the soldering iron head to cool down, re-energise the electricity, and then put on a layer of tin, so repeat two or three times, this soldering iron head head will be better protected. So far, an oxidised soldering iron head head perfect resurrection.
There is also a point to note, in the process of using the soldering iron head, including each welding is completed, to power off before the soldering iron head should always be wrapped in a layer of tin, in short, always let it have a layer of tin to protect, to avoid direct contact with the air, which is to avoid the oxidation of the soldering iron head at the root of the head.