Comparison of QUICKO with other brands T12 soldering iron tip
Comparison of "Quicko" and "other brands" products

Baiguang T12 series branding iron head model and application

1. Appearance comparison:

The surface of the Quicko product is smooth, flawless, exquisite in appearance, accurate size, 5.5mm outer diameter, 0.02mm tolerance, and ensure the precise coordination of the assembly size. The positioning of the outer diameter is 6.20mm, which is consistent with the original white light of Japan.

The surface of the products of other brands is defective. The colleague's positioning of the outer diameter is 6.30mm, which is far from the original white light of Japan.

2. Compare from the operation of use

Because the appearance size is consistent with the original size of the Japanese, it can be used normally as soon as the handle is inserted, and there is no problem with poor contact.

Due to the large diameter size of the positioning ring, other brands can not be inserted to the end of the soldering iron head plastic. Can be used smoothly.

The pipe positioning ring diameter is overweight to damage the handle to reduce the life of the handle.

3. Comparison of product processing technology

The tail of the Quicko uses a little glue, the good product is high, and then the rubber cap is closed.

Other brand products use touch welding. There is no glue, the yield rate is low, and it is prone to poor contact. During the use process, the hat will be dropped when inserting the handle. The plastic cap is easy to use the handle in the handle.