How to use automatic welding machine branding iron head:
The correct use of the soldering iron head can improve the welding effect and work efficiency. The following is the basic step of using an automatic solder to sell an iron head:

Temperature settings: Select the appropriate temperature according to the requirements of welding materials and components. Make sure that the automatic welding machine is set within the required working temperature range.

Clean the soldering iron head: Before use, make sure the soldering iron head is clean. Use wet sponge or special cleaner to clean the soldering iron head to remove dirt and welding slag. Keeping the iron head cleaning can ensure good thermal conductivity and welding effect.

The use and selection guide of automatic welding machine soldering iron head

Preheat the soldering iron head: Before starting welding, preheat the iron head to the required temperature. The warm -up time can be determined according to the specific automatic solder machine model and manufacturer's suggestion.

Use the appropriate solder: apply an appropriate amount of solder on the welding point, and then contact the preheated soldering iron head with the welding point. The solder should be melted evenly and forms a good welding point.

Pay attention to maintenance: After use, clean the soldering iron head in time to ensure that it is stored in a dry and clean environment. Replace the iron head regularly to ensure welding quality and working life.