Reasons for T12 soldering iron tip life
When we buy a T12 soldering iron tip, we always want to know how good it is - unless, of course, we pay a lot of money for the original. In addition, knowing what factors affect the life of a soldering iron head will help you avoid mistakes, extend its life and save money during use. The T12 soldering iron tip itself is a simple thing, this article is not long, patience will be rewarded.

This is the most direct impact, the more halogen contained in the flux, the shorter the life of the T12 soldering iron tip.

Solder wire
There is a difference between leaded and lead-free solder wire, as well as a difference in purity. Leaded tin wire has a small effect on the soldering iron head, but lead-free tin wire has a huge effect.

Crystal Density and Thickness of Iron Layer
The thickness and crystal density of the coating seriously affects the life of the soldering iron tip. This is the real change in life span due to the quality of the soldering iron tip. To find out the quality of the soldering iron tip you have on hand, you can file the head of the tip and observe/compare it carefully with a high magnification lens. Note that the iron plating is not as thick as it should be, but also takes into account the temperature return properties. Otherwise, a straight iron bar will last longer.