1. The more commonly used low -cost internal heat -type small power electric soldering iron. The brand of iron soldiers of this internal thermal electric soldering iron is copper. Because it does not have a constant temperature function, it cannot be adjusted. After a period of time for a period of electricity, the temperature of the soldering iron head will become higher and higher. It is easy to oxidize hair black. Even if you use sandpaper or a knife to polish the soldering iron head, it will still be oxidized and black, so if the use of the aforementioned cheap electric iron will cause the soldering iron head to oxidize the black hair and do not eat tin. It is recommended to replace the electric iron. It is best to choose a constant temperature soldering iron or adjustable temperature electricity iron. For example, the soldering iron head of 936 can be replaced by the soldering iron head, and there are many shapes, which can be selected according to welding needs. This soldering iron head is a alloy material, which is not easy to oxidize at high temperature. As long as the soldering iron head is not corroded by acid aid, it does not use the iron head to hot melt glue, and plastic.
2. There are too many impurities in acid aid welds or welds
Beginners like to use acidic welding paste as welded welds when welding. This kind of welding agent is slightly acidic, which is somewhat corrosive for some inferior soldering iron heads. It is recommended to use block -shaped rosin or rosin sperm solution as a welded agent. In addition, some cheap welded wire contains more impurities. Using this welding wire can also cause the soldering iron head to not eat tin. Due to the poor infiltration and liquidity of this welding wire, the welding joints are dark, not that smooth and bright solder. If the quality of welding wire is poor, the soldering iron head does not eat tin, and it is recommended to use a low -quality low -melting point welding wire during welding.