If it is a newly purchased electric iron, or the newly replaced soldering iron head, you should eat tin (tin) before use. After eating the tin, the tin is easy to stick to the tin, and it is easy to weld. At the same time, it can ensure that the soldering iron head is not oxidized.
At present, there are two materials on the market on the market. The ordinary head is used as a substrate as a substrate; the longevity head is plated with the soldering iron head, that is, plated with pure iron or nickel on the surface of the copper. Left and right, and it is not easy to deform. The steps of the tin of the iron head are as follows.
① Practicing or rubbing. Ordinary heads can first use sandpaper to polish or knife. The length of the grinding is slightly longer. Be sure to be careful until the plane is clean and smooth. Then use a clean and dry cloth to clean. If the longevity head cannot be polished or cricket, it can only be cleaned with clean and dry cloth.

The steps to eat tin with iron head
② Eat tin. Prepare a small box of pine fragrance (although the welding wire contains rosin, but the amount is too small, it is not easy to eat tin), connect to the power plug, wait for the moment to reduce the iron head to heat, use the branding iron head to touch the pine fragrance to estimate the temperature. The pine fragrance can be melted, indicating that the temperature is still low; the rosin is white smoke and the soldering iron is purple, indicating that the temperature is too high; only the rosin can melt quickly and does not smoke a lot, the temperature is the best. When the temperature of the soldering iron head reaches the best, it evenly dips the iron head to dip the scent of the iron. The soldering iron dipped in pine fragrance should quickly melt the solder wire on the soldering iron frame to make it a large solder point (add a little pine fragrance). tin.
③ aging. After the soldering iron head eats tin, it should be aging. The aging is not to use the soldering iron for the time being for welding, so that it can continue to heat up and heat for a while, then unplug the power cord and place it on the soldering iron frame to cool it naturally. The aging can extend the life of the soldering iron head and the iron core, especially the newly replaced iron head and the soldering iron core. The soldering iron after eating tin and aging can be used normally in the future.
If the normally used electric soldering iron, before a new round of general welding, you should also check whether the soldering iron head has "burning" or "port disability". "Burning to death" means that when the tin is oxidized to eat the tin, it becomes a scorched black head, and the ability to dip it in tin or dipped in tin is very poor. Both of these situations need to be restarted to the tin.