Many customers ask the author of the use of Wilo soldering iron head, always encounter some small problems, such as the soldering iron head does not hang tin, which is a relatively common problem in the welding process. So let's talk about how to solve the problem of Wilo soldering iron head does not hang tin.
In the process of welding the soldering iron head does not hang tin situation, let a person very headache, to solve this problem first of all to find out the reason:
1, the power of the soldering iron is too large
The power of the soldering iron head from 20W, 25W, up to several hundred watts. External heat type soldering iron manufacturing process is complex, low efficiency, high price, quick-heat type due to the large transformer to hold in the hand, difficult to operate; internal heat type soldering iron structure is simple, high thermal efficiency, lightweight and flexible, when the first choice. Used to decorate the transistor, IC type of radio, television, for general circuit experiments, generally 20W is appropriate, repair vacuum tube machines, such as gallows, old instruments, to 35W is appropriate, the external heat type is 45W, welding transformer wiring, metal base plate on the grounding trunk, it is the use of endothermic 50W, exothermic 75W. you can compare the head of the soldering iron you are using is not too much power. .

2, the quality of the iron head is not qualified
If the market is the kind of poor-quality soldering iron head will often not hang tin solution: first prepare a blade and new solder wire, to contain flux. First of all, the soldering iron burn hot, and then pull out, with a blade to the location of the tin scraped clean, with the new soldering wire to fill in the tin, at first it may not be on, on the top and then scraped clean, re-on, when the low to a suitable temperature, the soldering tin naturally go up, if it still does not work, repeat the process, if it really does not work, that is, your soldering iron head containing too much tin, on the tin, take the magnet to try it on! Know.
3, with electricity for a long time not used
The quality of the soldering iron head is not good, easy to appear this situation. Use sandpaper first oxidized soldering iron head clean, and then plugged into the power supply, head immersed in rosin, when the rosin began to melt into a sticky, take out the soldering iron, with a soldering wire hanging on the tin, a little bit more than a little bit of it does not matter, and then in a piece of soldering plate repeatedly dragged on the tin, will be coated with soldering iron head can be evenly. a, general soldering iron head temperature control principles can be referred to. General in the welding process temperature control principle is the basic If it is often welding lead-free products, it is recommended that the temperature is adjusted to 350-400 degrees or so. If the welding of leaded products (not recommended, harmful to the human body), can be adjusted to 340 degrees can be.